Skin Care Tips!

Women always want to look beautiful as the word woman resembles to beauty since ages. Complexion has ever been a big challenge for beauty conscious people, but compare to fairer or darker nowadays women are more worried for healthiness of their skin. What should be done to make your face glow or shiny? Let’s go through some important tips on skin care…

First of all determine your skin type with Tissue paper test. Wash your face, dry it and wait for one hour without applying anything on it. After this put tissue paper pieces on different parts of your face like forehead, nose, cheek bone area, and chin. Wait for some time if tissue gets very less oil or skin residue on it then you have dry skin. If tissue papers get oily then obviously its oily skin and rest if paper pieces on forehead, nose and chin area get some oil residue than you have combination type skin. Every skin type needs some special care and attention to maintain it healthy.

“Dry” Skin Care Tips:

  • Cleanse your skin less often
  • Moisturize Your skin often
  • Don’t bathe or shower too long
  • Always wear sunscreen
  • Never use alcohol based toner or cleanser
  • Follow proper diet to make your skin soft and supple
  • Never try to scratch

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“Oily” Skin Care Tips:

  • Try to clean your face more often
  • Always use oil free moisturizer
  • Go for alcohol based toner
  • drink plenty of water and stick to oil free diet
  • never bathe with hot water
  • shop only water based or oil free make up products

“Combination (Dry & Oily)” Skin Care Tips;

  • Try to apply Skin care products which are labelled for all skin types
  • Apply both the tips which are mentioned above for dry and oily skin
  • Combination skin needs to be taken care on T-Zone and especially cheeks area as they both differ.

So friends follow these simple tips, stay hydrated and hygienic and make yourself fall in love with your true real me…


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