An Inexpensive Innovation for Home Security Solution by 1st year engineering student.

A boy Divyansh Joshi studying in 1st year of engineering in Udaipur (Rajasthan) came up with an inexpensive home security solution which can change your mind set about home security devices.

It is indeed a truth that home security solutions are not cheap. If companies are able to channelize this Rajastani boy’s innovation, then basic security devices will be in reach to every family in near future. There are many possible enhancements can be done to the base device to add more functionality and to give professional look.

Divyansh used vary basic raw material and basic laws of science to build up this device.  Device works on very fundamental rules of electronics engineering.


If anyone tries to open a main door by pulling its handle, then it’ll trigger the alarm located at the door as well as in the house. On top of that the wiring and corresponding devices can easily be hidden inside the door frame.

 The device can be turned on and off from inside the house .It can be configured to be functional on specific hours of the day using timer.

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Divyansh wants to be an entrepreneur in future and wants to make devices like this to add value in society. He always has been supported by his family on his interest in doing something innovative.

Divyansh said he is coming up with an inexpensive answering machine.

We wish him all the best for his future innovations.

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