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Acharya Rajneesh, known as Chandra Mohan Jain was born in the year 1931 on the 11th day of December. He was also called as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and Osho by his followers. He was a spiritual man, a teacher and a guru who thought spirituality. He was basically a philosophy profession and travelled to every part of India and talked about every topic due to which he faced a lot of controversies. He assumed himself to be a spiritual leader and started gathering disciples. He thought them about supernatural things, religions and their traditions, and also about many philosophers around the world. He started an Ashram in Pune, in the year 1974 and it attracted many people. They offered therapies to many ailments and created some news often. By the year 1981 Rajneesh had relocated to the US in the region of Dalles. He returned to Pune and died in the year 1990.

 Why to visit Osho ashram

Ashram (Osho International) is located in the Koregoan, Pune, and here is where Rajneesh did his preaching from 1974 to 1981. This is now called as Osho International Meditation Resort. There were therapist specialist who came from the Human Potential Movement which conducted many classes related to meditation and this also became the major source of income. There were also number of shops which sold ceramics, clothes, organic things, music and many more. The events will start at 6.00 AM with meditation and continue to have many lectures and events. It also included a session where Rajneesh answered to the clarifications and religious questions raised by his disciples. Disciples can choose to work in the ashram after the graduation and they can teach the new disciples. This is an unpaid work which was readily agreed by them with own interest and they can stay as far as they wish to.

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Unknown facts about Osho

Soon after the relocation, conflicts arouse in the region for some land use and other issues. In the year 1985, He himself revealed that many crimes were committed by the leadership and was denied stay in the US including 21 other countries. His outspoken ideologies related to sex created a lot of problems and there were some controversies regarding Rajneesh indulging in prostitution and drug abuse. It was also said that he only approved to his disciples ideas and was not directly involved. Due to his problems with the JP government and Morarji Desai, the Ashram faced many issues that include denial of land approval and denial of visa who told the Ashram to be the destination point. They also canceled the exemption of tax claim which resulted in a huge loss. He also had problems with many other India leaders which aggravated the complications.

Osho ashram Location and timing

The Ashram is located at Koregaon which can be easily reached by Air, Bus and Train. The Ashram is also providing cab facilities to various parts for pick up and drops. The morning meditation will start at 6.00 AM and the Night meditation will start at 9.00 PM. In between there are several other programs. People who wish to stay there can opt for the same and the details are furnished in the website in detail.

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