Warning: Childhood Missing!

Life is full of phases. Out of all those phases there is a moment…….possibly while having a tea in your balcony looking at moving vehicles or while listening somebody telling you his childhood stories…. A moment when you’ll think how you reached there……. How you ended up to that moment in balcony.

It happened with me today… and they say true “Thoughts Are The Fastest Transportation Medium”..they took me to my childhood. When I too used to be stubborn…. I too had to take permission for going out with friends… Cricket was the only thing I

was expert at…(At least I thought so)… A little stare of girl on me..used to make me restless for rest of the day…. Or may be a week if she is really pretty.

Going school safely and coming back without getting beaten up was my only lookout…… and rest everything was taken care….. obviously by MOM. School bag was thrown on the floor and uniform was as dirty as it didn’t get washing since months… the fact was I had two of them and either of them used to be washed the day I wore it…. It couldn’t survive even a day without being washed.

Days flied by…. And I was higher secondary passed out..… If anybody have a doubt about my subjects…….Let me make it clear I was a arts student… and a very bad 1 in studies. Started colleges…. Got beaten up in ragging….and friends were teaching me that you are grown up now…you can’t take

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every problem at home and get it solved. Solve it here and give back to one who hit you…….

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Well…that was too a phase…and it passed.…. but a feeling stayed with me…. To solve my problem on my own…. I figured out getting a job without any help from home after that…

Another phase… I am really grown up now….. getting laid is not the only wish I make unlike college days. I’ve many things to take care…I’ve many things to worry about… I’ve very less time for cricket…. And I’ve to think about my bank balance…….. CONSTANTLY..

I really Don’t know…why my pocket full salary can’t give me the satisfaction ……when I used to be the happiest man on earth with ten rupees in pocket once.

Give it a thought friends….can we be the same boy again….or we r gonna burned up with all these worries….. and a manhood filled up in ourselves….

Give a thought whether…

Will we play that intense cricket again…….


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there be any senseless gossip again….about girls and their dressing sense….

will we get crush again on our teacher……..

will you again eat your lunch out of 50 lunchboxes without knowing what your lunchbox had inside it actually….

Will Independence and Republic days give us sweets again……

Trust me friends….none of them will happen again….All we can do is …Pump up a child dyeing inside you… he may breath again……..

And You may laugh again loud without worrying about others…..

You may Dance again on your own music…..


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