Are You Fond of Tattoos?

Tattoos are form of modification of original skin pigment with variety of designs. They can be made by inserting indelible ink into the upper layer (dermis layer) of skin.

Many of my friends are fond of making tattoos on their body parts. And friends among you must have them on your body parts…Right???

Tattooing has been practiced since long in this world. Tattooing has become a serious passion among people. It has its own history, types, different designs and their associated meanings.

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Today I will take you to the other side of this fashion trend. We all know how tattoos are made with the help of ink needle. In modern world Tattoo artists take utmost care while carving them on the body parts but still friends we need to be aware about its side effects and danger consequences.

Hepatitis, HIV, Tetanus and sort of blood related health problems can occur while fulfilling our hobby. Yes I am right. American Researchers claimed that Tattooing and liver disease- Hepatitis ‘C’ has deep connection. One can be led to liver cancer through tattoos. According to the Medical Journal of Hematology the virus of hepatitis spread through blood the most. In only US around 32,00,000 people suffer from Hepatitis ‘C’. New York University’s one team of scientists made a research on these disease and the patients suffering from liver cancer. Among 200 patients everyone had tattoos on their body parts. They found that around 34 % of patients had become patients of cancer only because of tattoos and 12% were prey of hepatitis because of genetic reasons. This virus can remain idle into the body for many years also and this is what the big risk of Tattooing. So be aware while Tattooing and make others aware.

Stay Happy Stay Healthy.

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