Are You a Victim of Computer Vision Syndrome?

Can we imagine our day without internet surfing or social networking? Can we think ourselves without computer for a while? We all better know…Right!!!

If the connection does not work properly or it’s of low speed than we all almost feel like to kill the service provider….Am I wrong????  All of us feel the same many of the times….Friends think about this then…. For one minute our eyes stop to work properly…..what will happen? Can we blame God for that? Obviously not but we all will become helpless for that particular minute. I am coming to my point now…

computer-vision-syndrome-know-the-world-factsWe all have become accustomed with computer, tablets, smart phones, etc…We regularly use them of course not in a moderate manner. Sometimes we have to and other times for just passing time..But have we ever thought about our ‘Beautiful Eyes’? No… Day by day many of us have been damaging our eyes by our careless approach towards God’s unique gift.

Here comes Computer Vision Syndrome: a syndrome of eyes, of which I want to draw your attention. And we all need to take care of this syndrome, as we can not stop using computer. But at least we can be aware of it to avoid it.

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Your eyes’ muscles get strained, eyes start burning; they become reddish, and sometimes watery. Eyes stop blinking more as they start to focus more to screen which is made up of small dots and they lose their moisture. In CVS one can have complaint of headache, backache; and neck pain also.


  • Keep computer screen away form eyes approximately 20’’ to 26’’.
  • Never sit in darkness while using computer.
  • Arrange the light in such a way so that it can not affect your eyes directly.
  • Blink your eyes rapidly so that they can not get dry.
  • Don’t look continuously at the screen.
  • Every fifteen minutes turn your eyes away from the computer screen and see the other sights of your place. In this way your eyes will be able to get enough of their relaxing time.

Friends! Eyes are very important organ of our body so please take care of them…

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