Online Marketing and Passive Income: In ‘n’ Out. – Part I

Generating passive income online is always a lucrative matter to listen. Just think of the business which can run 24×7 and 365 days of the year without your much input. How fascinating is it?? But does it really exist? Is there any such proven way  in the world? Is it real?? Are there so called online marketing “Gurus” really earning?? All such questions are very obvious for the people who are struggling to understand this online business or willing to setup a stream to earn some passive income online.

But But But the million dollar question comes in everyone’s mind is how??? Hmmm… Let me try to answer it.

After spending countless hours in googling  the best ways to start online business I have understood some of the keys and proven factors to setup passive income stream. Here in this article I would like to share the things which I have learnt so far.

I’m not an online marketing guru neither I’m a millionaire online marketing master. I’m just a next door guy who is trying to find out some ins and outs of this online business world.

Ok ok… I’ll talk more about myself later on… Let me come to the point.

What is Online Business or Online Marketing?

After all the research  I have come to the point that, online business is somehow similar to any traditional business. In our traditional world there are lots of options to start business and there are plenty of ways you can earn money through passive marketing. For e.g. You have a bakery shop, and you are getting good number of people walk in to your shop, so it’s very obvious that you will make money by selling your bakery items. of cource it will take some time to set your business. Now think you have settled down bakery shop properly and a newly launched cookie brand wants to promote their upcoming product  through your shop. They are ready to give you additional money or a kind of incentive to allow them to setup promotional counter… Yes so now your store has started gaining additional passive income without your direct efforts. That cookie brand will work hard to promote their products and you’ll get more n more income as much as they sell from that counter… Sounds great, right? You are getting paid for the efforts not directly made by you.

The moral of the story is the first lesson of my article and that is how to setup our online business?

Hmm… Let’s see, First proven method is “Getting paid for the visitors to your online platform”.

Now what’s this online platform?

Online platform is one kind of place on which you can express your thoughts and help others who are looking for similar things over the net. There are few ways how you can create such platform to share your for online marketing

  1. Blogging – Blogging is a traditional way to express your thoughts or knowledge to the world. There are  many people around the world who search for millions of topics everyday over the web through search engines. You can keep updating interesting information or knowledge on your blog. You can definitely gain number of visitors if you can provide original and useful information. There are thousands of topics on which you can write your ideas… I suggest you to write topics in which you are really interested, because that way you can justify your words. There are some free services like blogger and wordpress which you can use to start your blog. It’s very easy to start and free to use… I’ll not waste your time in explaining how to do it, as you can do some googling and you’ll get hundreds of sites which can explain this to you.. Here’s the power of sharing the information, as you never know when someone from the world search for the content which you have documented through your blog.
  2. Create Your Own Site – If you feel that you have an expertise to build your own site, then surely you can go ahead and start one with your interested topics with original and genuine content.

Now, how to monetize your blog or site, means how to get paid for whatever original content/information you have posted on your site?? In my next article I’ll cover that topic in detail.

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