Intelligent Quotient (IQ) Score 130 @ age 5! – Kautilya Pandit

Up till now this wonder boy has been rewarded for his extra ordinary intellect in many ways. Kautilya, the Google boy has an IQ like Einstein, the master of intelligence. This mini encyclopedia has bundles and bundles of information on varied topics of the world. Whether it’s geographical, economic growth or politics. He has every information in his little mind. His age boys can rarely have such fabulous IQ but Kautilya Pandit is an exceptional case born on 24th December, 2007 in Haryana, the state of India.

This little champ has been interviewed by many of the leading news channels. With the help of his knowledge Kautilya pandit has started earning at the age of 5. With great ease and fun he answers every questions asked by experts. Kautilya pandit is also going to face Mr. Amitabh Bachchan on hot seat in TV’s famous show Kaun Banega Karorepati.

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