Oh yes…  You can have perfect health by spending just TEN MINUTES everyday with this proven health secret.  All of us are in scarcity of time and Money, especially in case of our health and fitness we always feel short of time. Don’t worry more about this problem, as we have found a good solution for you…

Feeling Surprised!! It’s true… we have brought a very interesting exercise routine for our valued readers and that is only of  TEN MINUTES!!!

We all know that to be healthy one should do exercise regularly at least for half an hour. These exercises include jogging, walking, cycling, swimming  and the list goes on….Many of us must have memberships in lavish fitness clubs also, feeling that if we pay than we’ll surely understand its value, but out of surprise how many of us are regular goers in Gym?? And how many of us can afford those costly exercise equipment at home!! This is a crucial question in everyone’s life who really wants to be healthy and fit but doesn’t have enough time for that ardent desire lying within…

What you need to do is you will have to spend only ten minutes a day for your fitness. This exercise plan has minimum requirements from your side and i.e. one wall and a chair. In this time slot you will do different exercises. One will take 60 seconds and there will be rest time of 20 seconds after each exercise. Let’s start then….

  1. Jumping Jacks: You need to jump again and again by lifting your both hands up and keeping your legs aside.
  2. Wall seat: Sit as if you have seated on the chair by touching to the wall with your back.
  3. Push-ups: With the help of your both hands you will have to do push ups.
  4. Abdominal Crunch: Lie down straight and fold your legs. Lift your hands and upper body.
  5. Knee walk: Walk with only support of your knees.
  6. Squat: Open up your both hands in front and sit down without support. Do it quickly again and again.
  7. Step up-down:  Step up on the chair and then step down in the same state.

Do remember that you need to do these exercises very quickly* to get maximum benefit out of them with only condition: “You have to do it everyday”.

*Don’t start this routine blindly if you have never done this before. Do them slowly, practice them and then make this your habit. You should not do these steps if you are ill or anemic. And yes if you have any prior health issues than please first consult your physician before opting these exercise routine. 

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