History of Friendship Day!

History of Friendship Day

It all started in 1935 and the credit goes to US Congress which decided to dedicate one special day to celebrate the special bond you share with your special friends. Although the exact reason behind Congress’ decision is still not clear but knowing the war situation during those times between various nations, the step was worth complementing. The day has been celebrated in many contries for many years but according to wikipedia first friendship day was officialy celebrated in Paraguay in 1958.

Actually Friendship day originated in 1930 and it was promoted by the founder of Hallmark cards-Joyce Hall who intended to dedicate a day when people send greeting cards to friends. From then on the tradition of exchanging cards started though it faced criticism from time to time by various communities.

In 1988, winnie the Pooh was named as Worlds ambassdor of friendship day by Kofi Annan’s wife, the then UN Secretary General. From then on its popularity began rising and with social networking sites and boon in technologies, the day is now acknowledged by almost every individual nowadays.There is also one foundation that is meant for promoting friendship and fellowship among all human beings as one. The foundation is known as the world Friendship Crusade and it has celebrated July 30th as International friendship day, though different nations celebrate friendship day on different dates.No matter at what date it is celebrated, the motive behind the day to unite people around the globe will be fullfilled as far as we continue to feel the essence of the day and cherish it with every being irrespective of nationality, caste  and creed.

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