TATA Nano 2013 Spotted in Nano Drive With MTV Season 2 !

It’s been a long time that we have seen lots of stories about upcoming nano 2013 over the internet. But no official announcements have made by tata motors so far. We are expecting that nano 2013 should be officially released by tata motors on 19th June with face lifted indigo e-cs and sumo gold. additionally you may also see some additionally sport accessories for safari strome as well on that day.But before the official release of nano 2013, it’s spotted in nano Drive With MTV Season 2. As the nanos provided to participants are looks like 2013 nano spotted testing in spy shots circulated over the internet. so we are not very sure that what kind of strategy tata motors do have to promote nano 2013. :)Following features we have seen in nano 2013.

  1. Roof mounted antenna (front)
  2. Front bonnet chrome lip
  3. Rear Tailgate chrome lip
  4. Rear bumper with additional ventilation 
  5. Front bumper, or rather, the lower part of the front bumper will have a grille behind it to prevent stones etc from hitting the A/C condenser
  6. Glovebox on both sides
  7. Front speakers – dash integrated – on both sides – so no more rickshaw fittings 🙂
  8. Integrated stereo with all media inputs provision
  9. Rear parcel shelf with rear speaker provision
  10. Covered Rear “C” – pillars on the inside – no more bare metal
  11. Vanity mirror on LHS sunvisor . The fair ladies should be happy
  12. Redesigned console with a bigger storage area in front of gearlever.
  13. Underseat storage trays a la Vista (still being debated apparently)
  14. Bigger , stronger horn 
  15. Hazard light switch moves to centre console above a/c vents from steering column
  16. Remote central locking availability
  17. New Colours 

Now lets compare the spy shots available over the internet quite long with the nano spotted with Drive With MTV Season 2

Spy Pics

The 2013 Tata Nano - Lots of updates!-2013tatananohatchbackfaceliftspyshot1.jpg
The 2013 Tata Nano - Lots of updates!-2013tatananohatchbackfaceliftspyshot3.jpg

Now lets take a look at nano spotted in Drive With MTV Season 2

Checkout the chrome strip and ventilation on rear bumper
Roof mounted antenna and front chrome strip
So, we can expect that nano 2013 will hit the showrooms very soon.

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