Android app that warns you when you are stressed!!

Now, a new Android app has been developed that can log stressful moments in a users’ life, a report has said.
Dirk Trossen, a senior researcher in the computer laboratory at the University of Cambridge, developed the Android Remote Sensing App (AIRS), which can help people manage pressure and improve their general health.
The app uses all the sensors built into mobile devices to measure physical changes.It also records environmental noise and tracks calls and text messages.One can also track moods expressed through emoticons and use attached monitors to provide pulse and heart-rate data.

Trossen explained that the data feeds into software developed by Dana Pavel at Essex University that allows users to create a story-inspired visualization on their computer.

There are over 60 values the app can record, including surrounding noise level; social activity, as monitored by texts and calls; changing environmental conditions, measured through air pressure as well as light level; and even posture, measured by the phone’s accelerometer, he added.


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