Study Says: Smartphone users check mobiles 150 times a day.

As Smart Phone user people are becoming more and more dependent on the technology. Such users checking their smart phone every six-and-half minutes, says recent survey.During a waking day of 16 hours users check their smartphone for an average 150 times, study found.

Looking at their phone is the first thing many people do each day – as they use its alarm function – and is also the last, the study commissioned by a mobile phone brand found.

Image Source: hpmurah2u
In between, phones are used to check the internet and read emails, as well as to make calls and send texts, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported. Mobile technology consultant Tomi Ahonen who analysed the study, wrote on his blog that people make, receive or avoid 22 phone calls every day.

They also send or receive text messages 23 times a day, Ahonen said, and check the clock 18 times.

“The average phone user places three calls per day and also receives three calls,” Ahonen said.

 “Where are the other 16 times? Interruptions! We have a dropped call (one per day) or we make a call attempt that won’t go through (one per day),” he said.

Taking pictures, checking news, internet updates and plugging and unplugging the phone all added to the number of phone views, he said.

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