First Impressions: Nokia Lumia 620!

This is quite literally the baby in the family of the three Windows 8 Phone-based Lumia devices launched in India. Unfortunately, and rather surprisingly, Nokia has not revealed the price of the Lumia 620 as yet. From what we saw of the phone, we believe that if it is priced right, it will be a very good budget Windows Phone 8 device.
First up, the Lumia 620’s build quality is surprisingly good, and the colour option shells mean it is jazzy enough to appeal to the college-going crowd. However, this feature isn’t limited to just this phone, because Nokia is banking heavily on the colour options across all new Lumia phones.
The 3.8-inch display has the resolution of 480×800 pixels, which incidentally is the same resolution that the bigger display on the Lumia 820. We have criticized that phone for the low-res display, but considering where the Lumia 620 will be priced, this seems just fine.

It is a bonus that there is 8GB of built-in storage, with a microSD card slot for expansion. The camera is a 5MP one with 720p HD video recording capabilities. But do remember, this isn’t the PureView variety. The processing power comes from a dual-core 1GHz chip coupled with 512MB of RAM, and that seems a tad bit limiting in the long run.

Coming back to the issue of the still-to-be-revealed price, we would hope that the Lumia 620 should be priced around the Rs. 12,000 mark. However, knowing Nokia’s penchant for overpricing their phones initially, this should be hitting shelves somewhere around the Rs. 16,000 mark, we predict.

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